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Rainforest Design® Blog

          contributions by our designer and director, Roslyn Zelenka.

If you get Roslyn in a story-telling mood about how Rainforest Design® cameos began and got to where it is today, she can go on for hours non-stop and keep you fascinated by the synchronicity of events that have occurred and continue to occur. A true believer in the "Law of Attraction", she feels that she was "chosen" for this project when Andy Ike first walked into her office and took out of his jean pocket, wrapped in toilet paper, a little shell cameo frog on a leaf, carved by a friend of his, a Wounaan Indian. Her life hasn't been the same since. Her goal is to create a sustainable cameo industry in Panama, using the extraordinary talent of the Wounaan Indian artisans, and innovative designs inspired by the flora and fauna of the tropical rainforest that surrounds them.

You can read all the stories about the beginning days of Rainforest Design® cameos, starting with the blog entitled, "From Toilet Paper Wrapping",  and stay current with what's going on in cameos with Rainforest Design® by following these informative blog posts. In addition, there may be a few other topics of interest to Roslyn, thrown in for good measure. She is fascinated by technology, 3D printing, nature conservation, just to mention a few.

Here you will find the most recent blog postings. Start anywhere you like. For older postings, go to www.blograinforestdesign.blogspot.com

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Rainforest Design® invites you to browse our exotic shell cameo jewelry, inspired by the flora and fauna of the tropical rainforest. 100% handmade in Panama by Wounaan Indian master carvers from the Darien rainforest region of the country. Eco-friendly, Fair Trade. Creating extraordinary cameo jewelry since 2004.