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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What kind of tools are used to carve the cameos?

The carver uses a dremel power tool with small diamond and tungsten carbide burrs, such as a dentist would use, to rough out the design and finishes by using hand gravers and fine sandpaper. 

  • Is there any special care required?

The cameos are made from shell, an organic material, and depending on the environment and humidity where they are kept, may lose some of their natural luster when stored for long periods. To prevent this, we recommend once or twice a year, using plain baby oil rubbed lightly over the cameo with your fingers or a soft cloth or tissue. Let the oil remain for a few minutes or so, and then remove the excess with a clean dry cloth, and you're done. When wearing cameos, remember to treat them as you would pearls. Avoid hairspray, perfume, etc. coming in direct contact. It is better to use the spray or perfume first, then put on your cameo jewelry.

  • Why are Rainforest Designs® cameos so unique

Italian artists have been carving shell cameos for 500-600 years and are certainly masters at their craft. However, our designs, based on the flora and fauna of the tropical rain forest, apparently have never been done before, which makes Rainforest Design® cameos totally different and unique. Also, as Derek Levin so aptly said in the article he wrote for Jewelry Artist Magazine (February 2009 issue), "For anyone who appreciates the intricacy, delicacy, and variety of tropical nature, these cameos are not only beautiful and fascinating but also just downright cool."

Rainforest Design® invites you to browse our exotic shell cameo jewelry, inspired by the flora and fauna of the tropical rainforest. 100% handmade in Panama by Wounaan Indian master carvers from the Darien rainforest region of the country. Eco-friendly, Fair Trade. Creating extraordinary cameo jewelry since 2004.